Canon Law Update Online

Canon Law Update Online

Title: From Pastor Bonus to Praedicate Evangelium: A Combination of Tradition, Revision and Innovation

Presenter: Prof. Michael Nobel

28 September 2022

2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST

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The reform of the Roman Curia with Pope Francis, Apostolic Constitution Praedicate Evangelium strives to streamline the various dicasteries and institutes attached to the Holy See, so that they become more responsive and functional in the evangelizing mission of the Church. This webinar will attempt to outline the Roman Curia's main changes which reflect the curial institutions' main features: vicarious power, organic cooperation, and decentralizing co-responsibility. Structural changes do not suffice for the renewed understanding of the service of the Roman Curia, but it also requires first and foremost a change of mentality and conduct in the operators: professionalism, pastoral approach, and universality of service of those in charge, whether clerics or laity. (Michael Nobel, Pastor Bonus Praedicate Evangelium. Commentary, Ottawa, KDP, 2022, 22) In short, Praedicate Evangelium sets out several principles and criteria for the service of the Roman Curia which will be discussed during the webinar.


Michael Nobel has been teaching Canon Law at Saint Paul University since 2007 in English and French, both in the classroom and on-line.

He is specialized in General Norms, Teaching Office, Procedural Law, and Jurisprudence.
Besides teaching canon law at Saint Paul University, he works in various diocesan tribunals where he applies canon law to practical cases, assists tribunal staff, etc.

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