Sunday sermon in short

Sunday sermon in short

Here you can hear the homily given on Sunday or a short part of it

The prophet Elisha and the impossible request of Jesus.

Do not be afraid

The Lord truly rises. Alleluia!

Palm Sunday 2023

Mount Tabor and Calvary as disciples of Christ

Leading by example changes ourselves and the world

The kingdom of heaven is at hand, on the divine Word's Sunday

Prepare for the coming of the Lord in the time of Advent

Christ the King of the Universe, who wants to live in you and me

The destruction of the temple and the end of time

Prayer is good for all things  Sunday, October 16th.

Since the beginning of the world, we live in apocalyptic times, and faithfulness in daily tasks is the best preparation

The poor and the rich   'We need the poor to avoid hell' Sunday, September 25th