Keizersgracht 218B / 220, Amsterdam

An international community in the Center of Amsterdam. Have a look at the site and feel welcome to come along!

Mass times

Special celebrations

August 15th is the Assumption of Our Lady and a day of obligation

At 12.15 h the Mass is in the oratory (nr. 218 B)

At 19.30 h the solemn Mass will be in the church.



General Time Table

On feast days of obligation, the Holy Mass is usually in the church, During weekdays the entrance is via nr 218B. 

  • Monday to Friday at 12.15 am and 7.30 pm in the chapel, entrance nr 218 B (Dutch)
  • Saturday at 6.00 pm (in English with Gregorian chant)
  • Sunday at 11.15 am (Dutch), 1.00 pm (in Dutch), and 6.00 pm (in English).
  • Click here for the complete Mass times and hours for confessions.

  • Italian Mass at 12.00 on Sundays in the chapel nr 218 B. (Not in July and August).


  • half an hour before each Mass and on Sundays also during the Mass.
  • You can also ask the priest after the Mass.

Eucharistic Adoration

  • Monday to Friday from 13 to 19.30 in the chapel (entrance via Keizersgracht 218 B)

Digital candle


Click on the candle to enter the digital chapel.


Location | Keizersgracht 220, Amsterdam


Announcement of the children's choir

From the brochure you can download by clicking here. We are excited to announce the formation of a new children’s choir, offering a wonderful opportunity to explore the joy of singing while gaining valuable skills and experiences. We look forward to…

Procession of Corpus Christi

Once again we had the honor of conducting the Sacrament Procession from our church with Bishop Hendriks. It was the first time with a completely new team and we are grateful to our predecessors, Mgr van der Ploeg and Jos Witteman, that they left…

Confirmations on May 12th

On May 12, the bishop came to administer the sacrament of Confirmation to fifteen people -young and not so young. It was an impressive celebration that, as the bishop describes, was very international "I was in the Church of Our Lady on…
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First Holy Communion

On Sunday the 26th of May we celebrated the First Holy Communion of two groups of children. The Dutch-speaking children at 11.15 and the English-speaking ones at 15.00 h. Click here for the pictures

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