Confirmation is the sacrament of the Holy Spirit.

Young Catholics, who have done their first Holy Communion usually receive this sacrament at around their 14th year.  These follow the catechism classes on Sunday afternoon from 17 to 17.50 h, just before the evening Mass.

For grown-ups who want to become Catholic, there is usually a course of preparation in Our Lady's Church. During six months, people meet 3 times a month to gain knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ and his Church.

Topics covered in the course include God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Trinity, revelation, the Bible, formal and personal prayer, Mary and the saints, the profession of faith, sacraments, Holy Mass, the church as community and institution, and social teaching and diaconal and volunteer work.

This course can also be attended by people, who want to know more about the Catholic faith, without wanting to become Catholic themselves. Or by Catholics, who want to deepen their faith again.

Adults receive usually the three sacraments of initiation, Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation, in one celebration.  In principle, that is the Easter vigil on the evening before Easter Sunday. People, who have been baptized in another Christian tradition recognized by the Catholic Church, will not be re-baptized. They profess their faith and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

You can register now for the 2022-2023 "Salt and Light", course by sending the following details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or even better, calling rector Rafael Ojeda at 0618519647.

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